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Have Yourself a Hygge Christmas: How to Tap Into This Cozy Danish Custom

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New York Times bestselling book, . According to Wiking, hygge can be distilled into 10 ideals: atmosphere, presence, pleasure, equality, gratitude, comfort, togetherness, harmony, truce and shelter.Mads Østergaard, a proponent of hygge and publicist for Visit Denmark, describes hygge’s essence as a “state of mind, an ambience, a feeling or a vibe.” Unlike the simple translation of “cozy,” , encompassing the warmth of a fireplace, the embrace of good friends and a laid-back feeling.While it’s most well-known as a Danish cultural concept, it’s not solely a Danish thing.

It’s a concept that can be seen across cultures, known as “Gemütlichkeit” in Germany, “Koselig” in Norway and “Gezelligheid” in the Netherlands.

What sets the Danes apart is their unique use of “hygge” as a verb. Østergaard explains that they actively “hygge” with each other.

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