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The ADHD Soul Shine Kit: Build Your Child’s Self Esteem

Every child is born with gifts. A child who has the fascinating trait called attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) possesses extraordinary ones, but they may be hidden. And if they’re found, they can be tough to unwrap.I hear from ADHD parents who say they need a plan to help them do that.

Well, your wish has been granted. I have a five-step plan, called the cycle of excellence, which will reveal your child’s gifts for all to see.The plan works best if you love your child with ADHD in the right way — with positive parenting. First, try to catch her spirit and essence.

Watch, listen, and interact with her, and don’t direct or worry about getting things done. Just hang out with her. You’ll come to see who your child is.Before she gets labeled smart or stupid, hardworking or lazy, athletic or klutzy, friendly or taciturn, engaging or standoffish, before she gets labeled ADHD or XYZ, a parent usually senses the beginnings of who her child is.

Hold on to that!Second, don’t listen much to the diagnosticians. Out of necessity, diagnosticians oversimplify. We miss the subtleties, the complexities, and the richness that makes up the spirit of a child.

It is sad to see how many children lose that essence growing up. You can protect your child’s spirit by noticing it, naming it, and nourishing it.[Get This Free Download: Your 13-Step Guide to Raising a Child with ADHD]The cycle of excellence will do the rest. I have used it many times — and have seen it used by other parents.

The plan will help your child do more than get by in life. She will thrive and soar beyond where she, her teachers, and even you may have thought she could. Now let’s get started.Many kids grow up disconnected.

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