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Former NFL Player John Diggs Bounced Back From a Crisis and Found Success With His “Mapineering” Technique

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, who pivoted, swift and nimble as a running back, into a mortgage career. Eventually, he built one of the largest mortgage brokerages in southern California, living the comfortable millionaire lifestyle with his wife and kids. “Then everything melted away in the mortgage meltdown.

I literally lost everything,” he says, emphasizing each syllable to clarify the scale of the loss. He lost his job, his wife, access to his children. “I was basically forced to move back into my mother’s house and sleep on the couch that I bought her.”All he took with him in the move were some gym clothes, his bike and a “big-ass box” bursting with all the motivational CDs, DVDs and books he’d accumulated over the years.

Many of those books and other pieces of media had helped him achieve the life he’d built before everything fell to pieces. “I knew I had to revisit the information in that box to rebuild my life,” he says.Nestled inside among the and items in the collection, Diggs found something called .

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