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All The Strategizing You’re Doing Is Sabotaging Your Success

Strategizing is severely overrated. When you’re strategizing, you are paving a path of the best intentions. When you are deep in strategizing mode, everything feels exciting and doable and filled with possibility.

But actually starting and following through with your best laid plans is often a completely different story. Unfortunately, far too many dreams and good intentions never proceed beyond the initial strategy stage. And for ambitious people like you and I, that is simply not good enough.Here are 3 insidious ways that all that strategizing you’re doing is actually sabotaging your success, and most importantly, what to do instead:We’ve been conditioned to be perfectionists.

And as perfectionists, we like to wait until we have an entire plan mapped out before we get started to ensure our efforts will succeed right out of the gate. This is why shopping around for a proven strategy for what we want to accomplish is so enticing. If someone has already figured out how to do the thing, then all we have to do is copy their strategy, and voila! Success.I once heard Mel Robbins say that perfectionism is not really the pursuit to be perfect, but rather “the desire to be immune from criticism.” (Doesn’t that just hit you right between the eyeballs?) You’re not spending all this time in strategy mode just because you think it’s the smart thing to do.

You are lingering here because it’s far more comfortable on this side of the starting line. It’s safer here. You can’t fail or get rejected or make a mistake before you cross the proverbial starting line.

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