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Late Nights, Later Days: The Under-Recognized Impact of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome in ADHD

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LIVE WEBINAR ON JANUARY 16:Register for “How Seasonal Affective Disorder Uniquely Affects People with ADHD” Sleep disorders and related issues often appear alongside ADHD, but we have yet to “wake up” to the relationship between ADHD and delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS) – a type of circadian rhythm sleep disorder.

In fact, DSPS is quite common in individuals with ADHD but is seldom recognized, often brushed off as poor sleep hygiene or another sleep disorder.When DSPS goes unrecognized or misdiagnosed, it can wreak havoc on ADHD symptoms and seriously disrupt quality of life.

Accurate identification of DSPS – a treatable condition – is essential, as conventional approaches to manage sleep problems are often inadequate or ineffective for this sleep disorder.DSPS is characterized by significant difficulty falling asleep and waking up at socially conventional times.

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