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50 Soul Searching Quotes to Discover Who You Are

These soul searching quotes will help you better understand who you are and why you should examine your thoughts and feelings.

Most everyone has heard the term soul searching before.

However, many people wonder what  does it mean, exactly?

Well, according to the Collins English Dictionary soul searching means “a long and careful examination of your thoughts and feelings, especially when you are trying to make a difficult moral decision or thinking about something that has gone wrong.”

Soul searching might look an awful lot like meditation and practicing mindfulness.

Each of these things increases your self-awareness and encourages you to turn inward, breathe, and embrace the moment.

If you are on a soul journey because you are trying to decide something or understand what went wrong, then meditation and mindfulness are a good place to start.

Now, soul searching doesn’t look the same for everyone.

Some people might practice meditation daily, others might incorporate things like a daily walk into their routine and use that as their time to reflect and ponder about life.

Still, others might go on a long trip into the woods with no phone or wifi and face the elements.

There is more than one way to soul search, and since this is you and your very essence we are talking about, you decide what works best!

Keep reading through these soul searching quotes and get inspired to dig deep into who you are and what you want!

Soul searching quotes about meditation and mindfulness

When you are trying to find out who you are, or why you think certain things it is imperative to be take time to meditate or process things. Take a look at the quotes below for some ideas.

1. “Let the breath lead the way.” — Sharon Salzberg

2. “Quiet

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Sharon Salzberg

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