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Lagom – The Swedish Philosophy Of The Balanced Life Principles

What Is The Philosophy Of Lagom?

Lagom, pronounced ‘lah-gum’, is a Swedish philosophy that translates to “just right” or “not too little, not too much.” The concept of Lagom is all about moderation, which is the key to living a happy and balanced life.

The Swedish lifestyle concept of Lagom has been present in Scandinavia for years, but it has recently gained popularity in many other countries around the world. This concept teaches us how to find a balance in every area of everyday life. It teaches us how to be more present at the moment and enjoy the simple things in life. It also teaches us how to learn to live with less rather than focus on abundance.

When it first appeared in the lifestyle scene, Lagom was perceived as the Swedish response to the Danish philosophy of Hygge, which is a concept of warmth, contentment, and harmony. However, now people are more aware of the differences between the two concepts. 

What’s characteristic about the philosophy of Lagom is that it can be incorporated into different spheres of life, such as family and relationships, work, celebrations, holidays, leisure, and interior design. However, living the Lagom lifestyle takes practice. We live in a fast-paced society, and amidst the everyday chaos of life, it takes a lot of practice to learn how to find a balance in every area of life and focus on the here and now and live with less.

To better explain the main principles of the Swedish lifestyle concept of Lagom, in what follows, we’ve presented 8 ways you can balance your life the Lagom way.

How Do You Practice Lagom? 1. Take Regular Breaks At Work

The Swedish concept of Lagom can be applied to work, and here’s how Swedes do that: Swedes take regular 20-minute breaks during the day, in

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