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10 Succulents That Are Perfect, Even If You Lack a Green Thumb

ADVERTISEMENT Native to Africa, the Zebra Cactus succulent gets its name from the horizontal stripes on its leaves. Since it’s relatively small, you can place this cute succulent in a windowsill or ledge in your home. White flowers will begin blooming between October and November, adding even more beauty to your environment.

It also soaks up water in its leaves, so it will only need water every two weeks or once a month.These succulents from Madagascar can thrive as outdoor or indoor plants. However, they grow best indoors at a temperature between 65-75 degrees F. They need at least three or four hours of direct sunlight each day, so make sure to place it in a window facing the sun.It doesn’t need much water, especially in the winter months.

Remember that it has sharp thorns and excretes a latex sap that can cause skin or eye irritation. When caring for it, make sure to use gloves.This succulent from South Africa gets its name from the long vines of banana-shaped leaves. Not only is it adorable, but it’s a low-maintenance plant that blooms white flowers in early spring, making it aesthetically pleasing.

It requires bright, indirect sunlight and only needs watering once a week in spring and summer and every two weeks in the fall and winter.  A post shared by prickly. (@pricklymanila)Also known as living stones due to their appearance, these succulents are native to South Africa. The compact, squishy leaves have a slit down the middle, giving them half-moon shapes.

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