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5 Brain Exercises That Will Make You More Positive and Optimistic

Do you ever wonder how some people are so darn positive?

They always seem to be able to turn lemons into lemonade. I bet sometimes you get annoyed with them.

But secretly, you’re a bit jealous because you just don’t know how they do it!

Well, the truth is, some people are naturally optimistic. They just come into the world with that sunny disposition.

There’s even brain research to support the fact some people are wired to be more positive than others.

But if we’re not in that small percentage of fortunate recipients, what are the rest of us to do?

We can learn to be more positive! Having been a practicing psychotherapist and executive coach for over 33 years, I always say that “good mental health is not a natural sport; it’s a learned sport.”

I can listen to how a person speaks and tell whether or not they have pursued the path of personal and transformational growth. Some of the telltale signs are:

They are good listenersThey accept responsibility for their behaviorThey are willing to hear another person’s point of viewThey are willing to apologizeThey are good problem solvers

Some of those folks have been fortunate enough to have parents who’ve mastered these behaviors and taught them to their children, but most of us have not.

This leaves the responsibility to every one of us to become the best version of ourselves. That means learning and practicing the mental skills that will enable us to be that positive person everyone admires (secretly or not!)

Without training, we tend to operate on automatic pilot. We don’t realize how our thinking affects our mood.

So, to change your thinking, you must first become aware of how you’re thinking. Here’s how brain exercises can help.

Brain Exercises 1: Check in with your positive self improvement optimist

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