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10 Reasons Why Optimistic Women Live Longer

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society on June 8, 2022.So why to joyful women outlive their more pessimistic counterparts?Optimistic women take things in stride and don’t let stressful events ruffle their feathers. A 2013 study by Concordia University found that optimists regulate stress better. During especially stressful situations, optimists had more stable cortisol levels than pessimists.

The researchers believe that having a positive attitude helped the participants buffer the detrimental effects of stress. ADVERTISEMENT As we stated above, women with optimistic attitudes tend to have superior coping skills. They experience stress and anxiety like everyone else but don’t allow it to overwhelm them.

By falling back on their stress-management skills like mindfulness, they remain calm in the storms of life.Other strategies they may use to combat negativity include the following techniques: ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT The most optimistic women have consistently elevated energy levels because of their upbeat attitude. Since they don’t allow negative energy in their life, it helps them remain focused on the silver lining. They also have clear goals in life and believe they can achieve them.

Simply put, they use their energy to build themselves up rather than self-criticism.Women who find happiness in life create it themselves by blocking out negativity. They turn off the news, keep a smile, and don’t allow themselves to dwell on depressing matters. They realize that life will have problems, but they ride the waves instead of drowning in them.

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