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3 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Rush Into a Business Partnership

I’m sure you’ve heard the success stories of people going into business together. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak decided to go into business together and created the $2 TRILLION company that we know as Apple.Microsoft, McDonalds, Google, these are all extraordinary examples of business partnerships gone right.But partnerships like this don’t happen to everyone.

In some cases, people jump into partnerships hoping for a miracle. But just like in any other relationship, if you rush it, you aren’t going to last. So in this article, I will outline the 3 reasons you DON’T want to rush into a business partnership.

Rushing into a partnership is like a Vegas marriage. You don’t know each other well, there were probably drinks involved, and you’ll quickly end up separated. Chances are the reason you’re rushing this is because you just met. Maybe it was at an event or some business seminar and you 2 really hit it off.

Both of you think it’s a good idea to go into business together and start manufacturing Luxury Hammocks. The biggest issue with this is that you don’t know them, and no one would buy luxury hammocks. Don’t make the mistake of going into business with someone you don’t know well. Now I’m all for meeting new people and exchanging emails, but hopping into a business partnership like that is doomed for failure. Before agreeing to go into business with someone, you have to know these 3 things about them:It’s important to know their motives in wanting to be your business partner.

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