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10 Reasons and Helpful Tips to Make It a Dry December

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“The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.” ~Wallace Wattles In all my years of drinking, I never thought I’d hear myself suggesting a Dry December.

Nor could I have predicted that the month I’d eventually decide to embrace my sober curiosity would be the holiday month. Before I decided to give an a chance, I had completed many Dry Januarys, occasional Sober Octobers, and even one Dry July. (Dry July was the hardest for me because I really felt like I was alone in trying to embrace that one.) But now I see any month as a great choice to choose less alcohol and see the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits in all their glory.

Here is what really helped me in my very first Dry December and some pieces of advice that might help you too. 1. I recognized that within my social calendar at the time, December was the booziest month of the year, and I decided that if I could successfully complete December without a drink, then all other months of the year would be easy in comparison.

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