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How to Stay Positive During Difficult Times: 14 Helpful Tips

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I've found that one thing that helps me with my mental health when times get tough is to not deny or push away how I feel.When a negative situation has just happened and I’m in the middle of it then I at first may feel afraid, nervous, worried or angry.

Or a mix of those emotions. That’s normal.Acknowledging negative thoughts and feelings that can arise from such a situation helps me to process what has happened in a quicker and less painful way compared to if I try to reject such thoughts and emotions.And it also helps me to, after a while, move on to the next stage of trying to solve or at least improve upon the situation at hand.So, first know it’s OK to feel and think what you feel.

But don’t get stuck in focusing and mulling that over for days or weeks.A simple next step to move forward is to ask yourself better questions than you may sometimes do in these situations (I, at least, certainly used to ask myself questions all the time that only made me feel worse).This will help you to regain a positive outlook and find a positive interpretation of the events.Some of my favorite questions are for example:Ask yourself one or a few of these questions to move yourself into a more optimistic and energetic state of mind and to start making a small plan for what you can do to improve the situation you're in.This is one of the most powerful tips in this post and one my most used ones.Just letting your thoughts and feelings out can be a powerful thing.

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