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“She Dances In the Rain: My Neurodivergent, Wildly Resilient Daughter”

struggled to read, write, and spell. Mentioning “homework” would set in motion a performance packed with tears, pleas, complaints, and meltdowns.Despite our insistence that something was awry, teachers and school counselors reassured us. She was just a “late bloomer.” Our gut instinct disagreed.

When our daughter finally received diagnoses of inattentive ADHD and dyslexia, our lives shifted from bleak to hopeful. Almost immediately, relief replaced our frustrations. We had an explanation; we could help her.The weight of not feeling “smart enough” or “good enough” that our tiny girl carried throughout her early childhood began to lift, as she learned about the disorders and their manifestations.

She eagerly started Orton-Gillingham tutoring. (A six-month regimen comprising two-hour sessions, five days a week.) She never complained, despite forgoing ballet, playdates, and after-school activities. The satisfaction of learning how to learn kept her engaged and motivated.[Take the Dyslexia Symptom Test for Children]As her confidence grew, she told us what she needed to thrive.

We enrolled her in a private school where she could learn among other students with ADHD and learning differences. She has grown into an engaged learner and an empathetic leader. She also appreciates her alone time and prefers reading a YA thriller to playing a video game with her younger brother.Raising a child with ADHD and dyslexia is a test of restraint and patience. I don’t show my annoyance when she remembers at 8 p.m.

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