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When I Found My Journal From the Year Everything Came Crashing Down

OMG… why do you always have to be such a drama queen? You’re not going to find it right now, so get over it and move on. 

Ummm… seriously? Drama queen? Why can’t you just accept that this is important to me? If having a heart and being committed to something that no one else understands makes me a “drama queen,” then yeah… I guess I’m a drama queen. 

I was already having a shit day. It was Christmas Eve and the roads were awful, it was freezing outside, my car wasn’t cooperating, Bodhi was boycotting the snow and I was running late.

On top of that, I had noticed earlier that day a super special something was missing from my Christmas tree. How could I have forgotten to hang up Bailey’s ornament? What kind of a mother was I?

Bailey was the

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Christmas Eve

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