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Bereavement turned my life into a blur

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I met my wonderful husband Simon at work in 2003. We had the most amazing life together, packing so much into our years together including a lot of travelling.In July 2020, our world was turned upside down when, out of the blue, Simon had a seizure.

He was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The next 12 months passed in a whirlwind with Simon having brain surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.He fought hard but sadly his tumour was aggressive, and it grew back within eight months of his surgery.

At the end of May 2021, Simon was given a terminal diagnosis, with the doctors giving him six-eight months to live. Unfortunately, Simon got a bleed on the brain and passed away more quickly than expected in July 2021, at the age of 52.I tried to be strong throughout his illness, but when I lost Simon, I just felt numb.

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