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Kevin Hines’ New Book Shares How Storytelling Can Save Lives

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, Hines uses the power of storytelling to empower people to seek the help that will save their lives. His documentary film, , which he co-wrote and starred in, won the award for Best Story at the Nice International Film Festival in 2018, and his story has reached hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Hines experienced the power of storytelling first-hand, shortly after his attempt off the Golden Gate Bridge. When Hines gave his first talk—speaking to a group of 120 seventh and eighth graders—he had no intention of sharing his story with anyone. “I was so embarrassed for what I did, and how much I hurt my family and friends with what I did, that I was ready to keep silent for the rest of my life,” Hines recalls.Yet, immediately following that talk, Hines recalls how several students raised their hands and asked intuitive and empowering questions about .

The students were later encouraged to send letters to Hines, and in six of those letters, students wrote about their active suicidal crises.

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