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Q: “What Mind Mapping and Study Apps for Students with ADHD Work Best?”

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Q: “My son has ADHD and is into tech and gadgets. He loves playing with apps on his phone and computer. I’m tired of fighting with him about his usage.

Instead, I’d like to lean into it and find some apps to help him study, stay organized, and focus. Do you have any recommendations?” — MarylandADHDMomHi MarylandADHDMom:I appreciate your desire to “lean in” to your son’s app usage.

It’s important to meet your child where they live. So, although I do sometimes feel that apps can be limiting and distracting, I have many student coaching clients, especially those with executive functioning challenges and ADHD, who find them useful, easy to manage, and a natural extension of their recreational “tech usage.” In other words, they’re more apt to use study apps than other “old school” methods, and using them is what matters.Here are five of my favorites.(; free; iOS)Creating and maintaining daily habits is key to effectively managing ADHD — and it’s also incredibly difficult.

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