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The Ongoing Work of Normalizing ADHD in BIPOC Communities

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I was in the early stages of my own ADHD advocacy journey when ADDitude came on the scene 25 years ago. Since then, the conversation around ADHD in communities of color has evolved, but many beliefs have remained unchanged.Far too many people of color still believe that our children are over-diagnosed and over-medicated for ADHD.

They believe that giving our children ADHD medication means we are not capable of disciplining them, so we use pills to control them.At the same time, many clinicians and education professionals still perceive ADHD as a disorder of little white boys and attribute the very same behaviors in Black children as seriously problematic, with no thought that ADHD might be the issue.

This mindset continues to inflict serious consequences on Black children.[Sign Up: The Clinicians’ Guide to Differential Diagnosis of ADHD]One of the most impactful and important changes of the last 25 years is that we finally have some treating professionals who look like us and sound like us; not nearly enough, but some.

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