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How to Regain Your Confidence: Life-Changing Strategies for Adults with ADHD

self-esteem and regain self-confidence as they age. The key to this work is two-fold – it involves managing ADHD as best as possible, and stopping negative thoughts from clouding self-perception.The core beliefs that shape self-esteem are determined by whether a person appreciates and likes who they are.ADHD, especially if not managed well, can lead to constant frustration and self-criticism.

The cumulative impact of these frustrations, criticisms, real and perceived failures, self-blaming, and guilt turn self-esteem into rubble. Over time, very low self-esteem can lead to anxiety, substance abuse, mood disorders, and other serious problems.[Get This Free Download: 9 Truths About ADHD and Intense Emotions]When ADHD is managed well, this

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