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Slim & Husky’s Uses Their Artisan Pizza as a Means for Social Change and Community Empowerment

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, PREAM (“Pizza Rules Everything Around Me”) is their business mantra. To them, it encompasses everything they can achieve through pizza, which includes using food as a vehicle for social change.To understand how the friends went from living together at Tennessee State University and sharing a love for WWE wrestling, to spearheading a business that became a , you must first understand one thing: Everything is easier when you’re doing it with your best friends.That’s what Gray, Slim + Husky’s (S+H) chief marketing officer, believes.

And it might just be the secret sauce of the trio’s remarkable success.“It doesn’t feel like work,” he says, almost making the long journey to get to where they are today look easy.

It was, of course, far from it.Gray recalls the time the friends started their first business together—The Green Truck Moving & Storage Company—in 2010.“We had $3,000 and an idea,” he recalls. “We each put $1,000 into the pot and rented trucks because we didn’t have money to buy one.

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