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13 Productivity Playlists to Center and Focus ADHD Brains

ADDitude Spotify!Punchy, high-energy focus music to get your to-do list started, the playlist features Panic! At the Disco’s “High Hopes” and Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue.” First thing in the morning or during the afternoon slump, lean on these upbeat songs for an injection of pure focus.“Sometimes while I’m working, I like to take a break and listen to something that makes me dance for two to five exhausting minutes to let my energy explode and then get back to focusing.”— Bay, New Jersey“I need to occupy my brain and body simultaneously, so if I have to do mindless tasks like making dinner, washing dishes, or folding laundry, I need something that engages my brain. Up-tempo songs with lyrics I can sing along to work well.

Without them I just can’t do anything.”— An ADDitude Reader[Download: Music for Healthy ADHD Brains]Many ADDitude readers reported that they find lyrics distracting, so we created this purely instrumental playlist to reap all the productive benefits of listening to music without any diverting drawbacks. Filled with punchier instrumental pop and slower ballads, this playlist is perfect for people with ADHD looking for a happy, productive groove.“I listen to instrumental music — not too fast, not too slow.

It has that constant beat that sets my pace for my tasks.”— Bert, Indiana“I listen to instrumental, calming music that really relaxes me from inside out. It’s the first step to slowing my brain.”— An ADDitude ReaderSometimes your ADHD brain just craves some good, fun music.

In those moments, feed your brain with the easy, catchy songs on this playlist. Listen to these songs on your morning commute or while working for an extra dose of daily happiness.“I need playful, interesting music to jolt me into

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