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25 Blog Posts That Transformed Our Understanding of ADHD

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By Mary WhiteIn ADDitude’s most popular blog post of all time, a mother introduces us to “that kid” — the intense child with special needs who has trouble making friends, and about whom teachers and other parents issue stern warnings.

Everyone knows “that kid” — and this blogger happens to be the mother of not one, but two of them.“I see it all — like the exhausted look on the teacher’s face as she leads my child to me with the mile-long list of rules violations,” she writes. “I have watched my sons try to connect on the playground, where their excitement of being FINALLY included creates this energy that their body must release as shrieks, screams, and loud laughing — all of which puts other kids off.”Her plea: “Take time to get to know ‘that kid.’ You won’t regret it.”Read “My Kid Is ‘That Kid’”Related Reads and Resources:By Tim BesharaWhat’s it like to live with inattentive ADHD — and not know about it until adulthood?“People diagnosed with ADHD later on in life, like I was, wear the scars of a lifetime of judgment from failures you could never explain,” writes Tim Beshara in this raw and incredibly relatable blog post about the condition’s impact on all aspects of life, from his academic career to his interpersonal relationships.

As one reader commented, “This article reads as if someone entered into my memories and decided to write about what they found in there.”Despite a lifetime of challenges, Tim maintains a positive outlook: “It would have been nice to know earlier, but I can’t help that now.

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