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10 Signs of Loneliness and 10 Ways to Fix It

ADVERTISEMENT How often have you told someone that you’re busy but don’t have anything to do? Many folks try to make it seem to the outside world that they have a hopping social life, but the truth is you’re lonely and bored out of your mind. ADVERTISEMENT How to Fix It: Start being honest with people about your lack of things to do. Chances are you’re bored because you’re coming across to people that you have no time to do anything.

People will invite you to parties and other outings when they think you have free time to go.Everyone has some downtime, but what you do with these time frames counts. You can work until you have only a few hours to sleep a day, but you’re only isolating yourself from the life you want. When you do have time off from work to sit and think, you’re spending it on how you can make others believe your life is so amazing.How to Fix It: ADVERTISEMENT You must take time for yourself and engage in self-care.

According to Harvard Health, when you take time to nourish your body and soul, you will feel and function better.Experts further state that this is an excellent way to help with physical and mental health disorders, which can be behind much of your loneliness. If you have social anxiety or paranoia, you may avoid going out at all costs.If you’re lonely, chances are you’re not sleeping very well. If you’ve ever dealt with a child with ADHD, you know that you must wear them out before they can fall asleep at night.

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