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Walking and wild camping to manage my mental health

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While I love a hike, I wasn’t always this way. Hiking and the outdoors are relatively new interests that came about in my early 30s.

Growing up in south Wales I was never very far from rolling hills, craggy coastlines and woodland walking tracks, but my teenage attention was more often directed towards less rural pursuits, like watching tele and eating crisps.TV and crisps probably sustained me for a lot longer than they should have, but as we all know, life doesn’t always stay so simple.

As a young lad, I was affected by the usual angst and overwhelm about fitting in and not being good enough. It was easy to dismiss it as typical for that age, an annoyingly necessary stage of adolescence.But over the years and into my 20s, dismissing or bottling up thoughts and feelings turned into a habit, which later developed into a skill I could employ without even realising it.

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