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15 Phrases to Shut Down a Narcissist in an Argument

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Narcissists often use deflection, gaslighting, and other manipulative tactics to dominate conversations. To counteract their tactics and establish boundaries, using specific phrases can be effective.

Here are 15 such phrases that can help you stand your ground.Close up portrait of a man with duct tape over his mouthThis affirms your own feelings without directly challenging theirs.Set clear boundaries about the respect you deserve.Narcissists often rely on emotional manipulation.

By sticking to factual information, you take away this power.This puts the onus on them to adjust their behavior for a more effective conversation.Taking a break can prevent escalation.This stops them from trying to dominate the conversation by raising their voice or interrupting.Reassert your own experiences and feelings without invalidating theirs.A reminder that they need to own their actions and reactions.This establishes equality in the conversation.There are certain boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed.Distinguish between their opinions and actual facts.“I’d suggest reading ‘Disarming the Narcissist: Surviving and Thriving with the Self-Absorbed‘.

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