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If Sending Christmas Cards Feels Like a Chore, Here’s How to Politely Opt Out

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on spending, with 64% of adults spending less on “nonessentials,” according to a 2023 of Statista Q and We Are Social. Some of us have stopped sending Christmas cards for more personal reasons.

After a marital separation, Massachusetts writer Kendra Stanton Lee decided to . “I won’t be getting out my calligraphy pen, but I have much to meditate upon and a lot of blessings to count,” she wrote in an article for TODAY.With a major life transition like illness, loss or divorce, the stable, curated image we might strive to present in a holiday card has been shattered, says Juliet Kuehnle, a North Carolina-licensed clinical mental health counselor and the author of .

As a result, we feel less compelled to put that “perfect” image out into the world and more free to let go of practices that no longer feel authentic.Even in the absence of such challenges, it’s helpful to think about why we’re sending holiday cards at all.

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