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Taking Career Advice from TikTok? Experts Suggest Keeping These 4 Things In Mind

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for advice. Now a growing number of people are turning to social media for career advice—and not just LinkedIn.A finds that Gen Z and millennials are more likely to get their career advice from TikTok than a mentor, with one in five making career decisions based on advice from TikTok creators.TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat stories, Facebook and even YouTube are filled with career advice delivered in pithy soundbites and fast-moving graphics.With fewer employees going into the office, there are less opportunities to seek out advice from a coworker or mentor.

Our attention span is also dwindling due to Zoom fatigue, so fewer people are willing to sign up for an hour-long career coaching webinar, says Mimi Bishop, co-founder of Modern Gen X Woman and MGXW Consulting in Bayville, New York.But before you put into action the career advice you find on social media, it’s important to consider whether that tip will work for you.It’s a good idea to find out who is giving the advice before you put it into practice. “Are they the real deal or are they just giving off-the-cuff advice?” Bishop says.

If someone grabs your attention, they’re going to be in more places than just TikTok or Instagram. “We all need to be fine-tuning our critical thinking skills and not just taking what we see on social media as truth or fact or the only way to do something,” she adds.

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