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Getting What You Need to Thrive + Saving Big

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Hi friend! Since we’re now at the halfway point of , I’m emailing with a little more information about both my new self-care course and the bundle as a whole. First, a little about my self-care journey. In my four decades (plus!) on this crazy ride called life, I’ve experienced four distinct chapters: a decade of harmful early programming, a second decade of escalating self-destruction, a decade of substantial healing, and a decade of (near) thriving.

For years, I attributed my growth and healing to therapy and self-help, but I now know none of it would have been possible without deep-level self-care.

And by that I don’t just mean yoga and baths and walks on the beach—though I love all those things. I’m also talking about recognizing and addressing all the factors that contributed to my low self-worth and uncovering my limiting beliefs around self-care so I could overcome them.

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