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Pablo Escobar’s Crime Partner And Associate Carlos Lehder Got Freed From US Prison

Carlos Lehder (70), the man who started the infamous Medellín drug cartel alongside Pablo Escobar, went to Germany after being released from a US prison. He is known for creating a drug smuggling base set in a private island in the Bahamas.

He was extradited to the US after being caught in Colombia in 1987. He received a life sentence of more than 135 years in jail, which was later reduced after he agreed to co-operate with the US authorities.

Lehder had been diagnosed with cancer and since he has no family or relatives, a German charity will take care of him. 

“It’s been 17 years since I last saw him. I’m relaxed and in peace to know that he’s well, despite his illness,” Lehder’s daughter Monica told the Spanish newspaper  Semana.


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