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Live Webinar on January 24: New Year, New Strategies: Helping Students with ADHD Plan, Persist, and Achieve Their Goals

Not available January 24? Don’t worry. Register now and we’ll send you the replay link to watch at your convenience.Most of us make New Year’s resolutions.

Children with ADHD often wish for things to be different at school. However, they feel they don’t know how to make things better because it’s hard to transform intentions into reliable action.But focusing on building specific strategies and routines rather than achieving big, unattainable goals can help students stay focused and motivated for the second half of the school year.This approach can empower your child (whether they’re in elementary, middle, or high school) and make a huge difference in personal and academic outcomes.

Routines and strong study habits help students build essential life skills, including planning ahead, staying organized, and doing it without a fight.Ann Dolin, M.Ed., has more than 30 years of experience with students with various types of learning and attentional issues. During her January 24th webinar, she will share insights to help students impacted by ADHD emerge and shine to make 2023 a Happy New Year!In her workshop, she will discuss:✔️ Strategies to increase your child’s focus, productivity, and time management ✔️ Simple ways to create daily routines that can make the difference in getting and staying organized ✔️ Strategies to foster independence and responsibility, so it doesn’t fall on the adults’ shoulders ✔️ Research-based ways to prevent the disconnect between what a parent sees as the problem and the areas a child is willing to accept help ✔️ Conversation starters to facilitate an improved mindset, build trust, and help your child break free of the “doom loop” ✔️ Ways to help resistant kids (common in those with ADHD) overcome

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