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7 Tips For Planning a Small Wedding

There are many reasons why someone would want to have a small, more intimate wedding. Weddings can be costly, and you may not have many people you want to invite.

If you’re trying to plan a small wedding, here are seven tips to make your day a success.

You Still Need To Plan

Just because you’re planning a smaller, more intimate wedding doesn’t mean there isn’t any planning involved. You shouldn’t wait until the last minute to figure out the details.

You still need to consider photography, guests, an officiant, wedding bands, a marriage license, and more. Give yourself extra time, so you aren’t rushing at the last minute to get everything together.

Decide Where You Want To Get Married

Now that you’ve decided to have a smaller wedding, it opens up many opportunities for the ceremony location.

For some, a smaller wedding means heading to the mountains for a micro-wedding with a view. Other times, people want to elope in a foreign destination like Reykjavík with the help of an Iceland elopement planner.

This, of course, will depend greatly on what you consider to be a small wedding. You may not be able to get 20 people to travel to another country. But if it’s just the two of you, the world is your oyster.

Get Married In Style

A traditional wedding has a lot of customary things involved, such as a wedding dress or suit and tie. But the best part about having a small wedding is that you can do whatever you want.

Get married in a style that’s suitable for you. You can wear a jumper rather than a dress or bust out those snazzy cowboy boots you’ve been saving. Remember, it’s your day, and you get to set the rules.

Talk About The Honeymoon

The best part about having a smaller wedding is that you’ll spend significantly less money

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