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4 Daily Habits that Held Most of Us Back Over the Past Year

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We ultimately become what we habitually do. If our daily habits aren’t moving us forward, they’re likely holding us back. Here are four widespread examples of the latter that literally held most of the people I know back over the past year (myself included), and some tips for turning things around if one or more of these daily habits held you back too.Twenty years ago, when Marc and I were just undergrads in college, our psychology professor taught us a lesson we’ve never forgotten.

On the last day of class before graduation, she walked up on stage to teach one final lesson, which she called “a vital lesson on the power of perspective and mindset.” As she raised a glass of water over her head, everyone expected her to mention the typical “glass half empty or glass half full” metaphor.

Instead, with a smile on her face, our professor asked, “How heavy is this glass of water I’m holding?”Students shouted out answers ranging from a couple of ounces to a couple of pounds.After a few moments of fielding answers and nodding her head, she replied, “From my perspective, the absolute weight of this glass is irrelevant.

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