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The Heliotropic Effect: The Power of Extending Kindness and Authenticity to Everyone In Your Path

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,” University of Michigan Professor Kim Cameron defines the heliotropic effect as “the tendency in all living systems toward that which gives life and away from that which depletes life—toward positive energy and away from negative energy.” Just as plants turn to the light, people do too.Fellow University of Michigan alumni, psychologist and executive coach, Dr.

Harry Cohen, simplified it further: “Be the sun, not the salt,” a mantra that became the . It’s simple enough to implement. A heliotropic person looks for any opportunity to be a positive influence and, most importantly, acts on it. “When you see someone who needs assistance, offer them a hand,” Cohen says. “It’s a practice.

How can you lift someone up? Make their day? Say a kind word? Think of the best coaches, the best friends, the best teammates, the best strangers.

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