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Best of 2023: Must-Read Articles by and for ADHD Experts

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By Russell Barkley, Ph.D.DSM-5 ADHD criteria are flawed for several reasons. “The DSM-5 does not capture ADHD accurately because its criteria do not conceptualize ADHD as a disorder of executive functioning and self-regulation,” says Russell Barkley, Ph.D. “This limitation greatly narrows the concept of ADHD, trivializes its nature as just an attention deficit, and discourages diagnosing clinicians from focusing on the wider range of impairments inherent in ADHD.”Despite these flaws, Barkley explains, clinicians can ensure more accurate diagnoses by focusing more on the patient’s symptoms of disinhibition and executive dysfunction and less on the age of onset for ADHD symptoms.Continue reading “How the DSM-5 Fails People with ADHD — and a Better Way to Diagnose”By William French, M.D., DFAACAP“Irritability is to mental health providers what fevers are to pediatricians,” says William French, M.D., DFAACAP. “Just as a fever is a core symptom of numerous illnesses and infections, irritability is a core symptom of many mental conditions.” In this guide, French outlines possible causes of irritability and provides a detailed overview of conditions such as DMDD, ODD, ADHD, and bipolar disorder.

He analyzes emerging research on treatment approaches and interventions.Continue reading “Deciphering Irritability in Children: Causes and Links to Comorbidities”By Nelson M.

Handal, M.D., DFAPARising rates of depression — a condition that often accompanies ADHD — have attracted well-deserved concern and attention.

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