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If Your Goal Doesn’t Scare You, Find a New Goal

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If Your Goal Doesn’t Scare You, Find a New Goal“Larger than life goals are about taking a deeper calling inside of us and having so much resolve in their purpose that we see them through, no matter what.”Tony is about to hit his goal of providing 1 billion meals through his 1 Billion Meals Challenge in partnership with Feeding America – two years ahead of schedule.

At one point, hitting that goal seemed unimaginable.At age 11, a stranger with a basket of food. This event inspired him to make a decision – if strangers cared, he would too, and he’d find a way to give back.

Giving back became his REASON.At the time, he had no idea how to make this happen. Upon turning 17, he took what little money he had and made food baskets for two families in need in his neighborhood.

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