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3 Common Dreams You Will Regret Chasing in Life (If You Aren’t Careful)

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If it keeps you busy, but will hurt you someday, it’s something you will regret. Don’t sell yourself short.There’s a big difference between empty fatigue and gratifying exhaustion.

Life is too short not to focus more on what matters. And life is definitely too short to chase things that leave you with lingering regrets.So let’s discuss three common dreams — or prevalent fantasies — many of us quietly strive for (myself included for many years), that are really just traps.

These pursuits tend to lead us in circles and gradually move us farther away from where we ultimately want to be in life. Because despite what our better judgment tells us, we tend to attach to…No matter how strong you are, and no matter how much determination and willpower you have, if you keep yourself positioned in an environment that works against your best intentions, you will eventually succumb to that environment.This is where so many of us make life-altering missteps.

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