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Intimidated by AI? Don’t Be—Here’s How to Leverage AI to Increase Your Company’s Revenue

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. by Constant Contact. This leaves quite a few with much room to learn, improve and understand exactly how they can leverage AI for their business needs, to ultimately make more money as they do less work.Some businesses, on the other hand, have already seen increased profits as their productivity rises with AI tools.

Brooklyn, New York-based Jen Glantz, founder of Bridesmaid for Hire, has been using a that helps anyone with writer’s block write a speech in minutes. “We created the tool using AI and trained it with over 200 real maid of honor speeches that I wrote for clients.

The tool replicated my writing style and writes speeches with a human and conversational tone. Plus, the experience mimics how I work with clients,” she says, adding that it chats with her clients to pull out stories, details and memories.

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