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Don’t Stress About Your Career Path, Do This Instead

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Today’s career paths no longer follow a linear trajectory. Unlike your parents’ or grandparents’ careers, people no longer enter a job believing they’ll stay with that employer for the long haul.Employers have come to understand that career paths are seldom a straight line, and if candidates display a seemingly unrelated job history, it no longer carries a stigma but shows that they — like anyone with a bit of mettle — are multi-dimensional.

This new world of expanded versions of job experience lends itself more to a career portfolio than a career path. Some may have run across portfolios in schools or colleges where they’ve been utilized to grade students based on “artifacts” and accomplishments — whether related or tangential to their area of study — rather than tests and papers.

Today’s hiring managers have taken a similar approach to reviewing job candidates’ resumes. They search out those who show initiative, courage, and creativity as much, if not more than, experience in their field.

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