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Should Your Business Talk About Politics Online?

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Skin Decision: Before and After saw the anti-Israel sentiments that were spreading, she knew she couldn’t stay silent anymore.“I went full-blown pro-Israel during the May 2021 conflict,” she says. “I felt like I had to speak up because a lot of my colleagues were spreading lies.

I was going to try to help people learn the truth.”Nazarian, an Iranian Jew who had to escape her country after the Iranian Revolution, always felt deeply connected to Israel.

In the past, she hadn’t voiced her political opinions online, instead opting to post about plastic surgery and skincare. While some people disagreed with her post, overall, taking a political stance boosted her brand.“My patients are intelligent people,” she says. “They either became obsessed with me for speaking up or they said, ‘I don’t agree with you, but I respect you and I know you have a good heart.

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