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20 Unsafe Foods That Contain Petroleum and Toxins

Research shows that these unhealthy foods link to mental and physical health issues. Even with science backing the problems, the federal government still allows it to be in food.Petroleum products can cause cancer, behavior disorders, and other health concerns. Since the ingredient is in food that won’t decompose, it’s a sure sign that it makes for unsafe foods.Petroleum is an oil that runs your car, powers planes, and lubricates heavy machinery.

It is used in computers, clothes, cleaning products, bottles, containers, and other objects. Petroleum is also found in lotion, shampoo, makeup, and other beauty items. ADVERTISEMENT This ingredient is used so often because it prevents them from becoming rancid.

The only reason it can stop things from going bad is that it isn’t truly food. However, this supposed benefit can have detrimental effects on your health. ADVERTISEMENT Petroleum is known as mineral oil in the food industry, and many manufacturers claim that it’s safe to consume.

However, some scientists state the opposite and show that you should avoid unsafe foods.It’s sometimes hard to determine if your favorite foods contain petroleum. Manufacturers often list it differently, making it hard to identify. As you read food labels, look for the following ingredients:Avoid consuming these things.

ADVERTISEMENT The same of this snack might fool you because it doesn’t often contain fruit. Most fruit snacks have Red 3, a food coloring with petroleum. Red 3 is considered a carcinogen as it links to cancer.The snacks get their fruity flavor from added ingredients instead of the real food.

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