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Live Webinar on July 13: ADHD in the African-American Community: Strategies to Improve Care and Treatment

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Not available July 13? Don’t worry. Register now and we’ll send you the replay link to watch at your convenience.ADHD is routinely under-diagnosed in African-American children due to myriad factors, including structural inequalities in medical care and schools across the U.S.

But even when ADHD is diagnosed in African-American children, it often goes untreated due to the cultural misconceptions and stigma about the disorder — and a deep distrust of the medical community — by people of color.When ADHD is untreated in children, the risk for poor outcomes in academic and social settings increases.

This is why proper diagnosis and treatment is critical for children of color. It is imperative that clinicians understand the cultural differences regarding how ADHD is perceived by Black and minority families, and use effective practices that influence appropriate treatment responses and behaviors.

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