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What a Pool Noodle Taught Me About Adapting to Changing Health Needs

I distinctly remember hating the idea of adaptive equipment when my hand therapist (an occupational therapist who specializes in hands) brought it up. I felt weak, that I was somehow failing if I couldn’t do things the same as everyone else. But the truth was, I actually couldn’t. I couldn’t hold a pen normally without pain, and had to admit that, even if I fought it at first.

I didn’t want to buy an expensive pen grip, and wouldn’t even know where to start for looking for it, so my hand therapist suggested I get a pool noodle and use it for my pen. One short car ride later, I was the proud owner of a bright red pool noodle, which I promptly cut into an expanded handgrip.

The relief was near-instantaneous; with the wider grip, my hand

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