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5 Things All 6-Figure Earners Have In Common

Is your dream to earn a 6-figure salary? Don’t be jealous of those who are doing it!

Instead, look at the list of companies that has the greatest 6-figure salary earners, and learn what those people do that sets them apart!

Forbes’ top ten list of companies with the greatest number of six-figure salary earners include:

JP Morgan Chase Google Microsoft HP Amazon web services

Aside from earning a 6-figure salary, being affluent is also a matter of intention and perseverance.

Here’s what those who earn a 6-figure salary all have in common: 1. They Have a Sense of Self Control   

Financial dependence is a skill most of us have yet to master.

You would think that just because you have a 6 figure salary, you can splurge without having to look at price tags.

Believe it or not, a Sun Trust report reveals that at least a fourth of 6-figure earners are still living paycheck to paycheck or are in danger of not having saved enough for retirement.

Budgeting is key to managing your savings.

To maintain a more stable savings account, cut down on impulse buying.

Shopping sprees may be fun, but those material things probably won’t last you long.

2. They Started Young.

In our childhood, we all wished to have an in-home McDonald’s like Richie Rich.

But this isn’t what experts mean by starting them young.

Not all of us were born with a silver spoon in our mouths.

University of Cambridge researchers revealed that by age 7, kids’ money habits are already forming.

Mold them into a miniature Warren Buffett by incorporating money-savvy tips into everyday routines.

Teach them how to choose how and when to spend their money.

By giving them their own spending money, you teach them how to control where their money goes.

If they buy a toy impulsively

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Morgan Chase Richie Rich

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