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Thinking Outside the Box: How Entrepreneur Danny Taing Is Bringing Japan to Your Door

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.But how did he grow to become an entrepreneur success story eight years after his fourth—not first—startup idea that would become the foundation for his e-commerce empire?The answer: appetite.It was Taing’s love for Japanese snacks, and the important cultural traditions they carry, alongside his love for the country and its language (which he studied at Tokyo’s Waseda University) that cemented a future he could never have imagined.As the son of Cambodian-Chinese refugees of the Khmer Rouge—who escaped to New York City in 1979—young Danny Taing watched his parents work tirelessly to build a life for their family in America.

His father was a dishwasher and his mother was a seamstress before they opened their own retail store. Bootstrapping was already in his DNA, as was the blueprint to build something from scratch, though it would take him some time to fully realize this.Taing never set out to become an entrepreneur.

After graduating from Stanford with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and communications and a master’s in sociology, he worked in business development at Rakuten in Tokyo and in digital marketing at Google in Mountain View, California.

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