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“How a Psychedelic Trip Changed My Life”

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Twelve years ago, I embarked on a transformative psychedelics journey that opened my eyes to my true self. I did not know then that this trip into my subconscious would completely change my perception of the world, make my then-undiagnosed ADHD more manageable, and lead me to help others experience similar life-changing revelations.On that fateful day, my psychedelic guide gave me magic mushrooms and said, “Look at the forest one last time; you will never see it the same way again.”To say he was right would be an understatement.I arrived with a simple intention: to get to know myself better.

What emerged were aspects of myself that I never knew existed. The psychedelic experience revealed the roots of my depression and provided insight about how to regulate my emotions — a godsend for me as I struggled with intense mood swings and disorders.

Whereas therapy had failed, this journey transformed me entirely.To be clear, it was not a magical solution that solved all my problems overnight.

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