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A Conversation Guide for the Socially Anxious and Unsure

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You’ve been invited to a party where you will know practically no one. Now what? You want to go — and will go — but you don’t want social anxiety to taint the experience.We’ll cut to the chase: Use this quick guide to ease your nerves before and during the event so you can actually enjoy yourself in social settings.What actions can you take to make the event go more smoothly?Just before you enter the event, take a few minutes to gather yourself.

Do a mindfulness activity, say an affirming phrase — anything you need to set the stage for pleasant, calm interactions.Choose to see the event as a learning opportunity and a chance to further chip away at social anxiety.

Use the following phrases to inspire positive self-talk and manage rejection sensitive dysphoria throughout:[Read: ADHD and the Power of Positive Thinking]Instead of immediately finding a seat or settling with a group you know, walk through the event and say a quick hello to the many groups scattered throughout.

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