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6 Real-World Examples of Personality Type Compatibility Issues and How to Resolve Them

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, , and , has been helping people get to know themselves and one another for 40 years. As he puts it, “If you know you have a predisposition, you can do something about it.” That includes how individuals behave in relationships.The popular —which millions of people around the world take and nearly 90% of Fortune 500 companies use—informs Tieger’s approach to personality type compatibility.

The MBTI divides people into 16 possible personality types, using four aspects of personality: I or E (introversion or extroversion), N or S (intuition or sensing), F or T (feeling or thinking) and J or P (judging or perceiving).Introverts and extroverts can be differentiated “by where you get your energy from,” Tieger says.

Sensing types tend to pay attention to details in the here and now, while intuitive types focus on the big picture. Sensing types see what is; intuitives see what could be, he explains.

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