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5 Ways to Save Money This Holiday Season (Without Disappointing Anyone)

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conducted by CNBC-Morning Consult found that 76% of Americans plan to cut back on spending this holiday season. The Associated Press (AP) , ahead of the holiday season.

And it’s not just the United States— are cutting back, and are spending less on holiday travel and gifts, new reports show.Some companies are looking to ease the financial burden of the holidays, acknowledging the difficult times we live in.

For example, are trying to counteract the dip in spending by cutting shipping costs for businesses.But it’s not just the gifts, according to Olivia Howell, a single mother and startup founder at Fresh Starts Registry. “It can be tricky when things come up like holidays, especially those gift-giving holidays, because they also coincide with events like buying new winter clothes for my kids, or family parties, teacher gifts,” she says.

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