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You Are Allowed To Let Go Of Your Old Dreams, Don’t Let Anybody Tell You Differently

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yes. The one that might not make sense.The one that others may not understand.The one that might leave you less “successful” by some measures, but nonetheless far more fulfilled in your heart.See, when we’re imagining our dream lives, we see them through the eyes of other people.

We construct them based on what we’ll say we do, how we will appear, and how others will respond. We think about the elevator speech, the one line summary of our existence, and very rarely what happens once we’re down the hallway and sitting down and ready to begin.What do you actually want the day-to-day of your life to look like?That’s your true dream.You might be startled to find it’s quite different than the one you adopted when you were still convinced that you needed to prove your worth or find a semblance of “safety” or appease the powers-that-be.The truth is that the only safe choice is to follow our hearts and express ourselves to the fullest, because anything else leaves us a fraction of the people we intended to be.The truth is that this all ends, and safety doesn’t exist either way.The truth is that you are allowed to pursue what’s right for the person you are now, and then you are allowed to pursue something else for the person you will one day become.You do not have to exist within the confines you set up for yourself.You are allowed to choose again.You are allowed to let go.Soul-stirring words right to your inbox.

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