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Wanted: ADHD Research on Women & Girls

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It is indefensible how little is known about ADHD in women today. Research is nearly non-existent in the way ADHD symptoms change with the hormonal fluctuations of puberty, pregnancy, menopause, and beyond.

And experts who study ADHD are deeply concerned — outraged even — about the persistent lack of research on a population that is chronically underdiagnosed and misdiagnosed.“For decades, girls and women with ADHD have missed out on critical interventions to help manage their ADHD symptoms, primarily because they have largely been left out of ADHD research studies,” says Julia Schechter, Ph.D., co-director of the Duke Center for Girls and Women with ADHD. “Females with untreated ADHD have been put at higher risk for depression and anxiety, intimate partner victimization, and risky sexual behaviors resulting in teen and unplanned pregnancies.

Research devoted to girls and women with ADHD is not only an issue of equity but of life or death for some.”Here, leading experts weigh in on where research is critically needed to guide accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of ADHD in females.There are numerous research topics related to girls and women with ADHD that deserve thorough investigation.

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